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2021-08-02 17:53:58
Woman’s fiancé, mum and grandma die in same week and urge her to get Covid jab
Tiffany Devereaux from Jacksonville, Florida said how her hubby, 35, and her mum, 65, both appeared to be in good health but only her grandmother, 85, had received a coronavirus vaccination
2021-08-02 17:37:18
Kim Jong-Un’s sister warns US and South Korea over 'hostile' war games plan
The Korean dictator's sister Kim Yo-jong said the "hostile" annual military exercises that may take place in August would "seriously undermine" the relationship between North and South Korea
2021-08-02 16:25:03
Survivor of deadly Beirut blast still picking glass from his wounds one year on
Shady Rizk recalls the day a huge stockpile of chemicals exploded in the Lebanon capital. He was left with life-threatening injuries and is tackling the mental trauma
2021-08-02 15:45:53
Urban explorer explores inside abandoned home where entire family died
An urban explorer named Dax Ward visited the creepy haunted house in Bangkok, Thailand, which has been left abandoned after an entire family was murdered there in the 90s
2021-08-02 15:36:15
Six die in blast at 'secret weapons plant' where workers ran out 'burning alive'
Workers were reportedly "pulling their clothes off because they were burning alive" following an explosion at the Kamensky chemical plant in Russia's Rostov region
2021-08-02 15:23:43
Two friends invented dog bed to tackle separation anxiety - and made a fortune
Jye de Zylva noticed his pet pooch would be significantly stressed when he would return home from work each day, so teamed up with Davie Fogarty to create a line of innovative dog beds
2021-08-02 14:29:37
Poland grants a visa to 'at risk' Belarusian athlete Krystsina Tsimanouskaya
The Polish Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Krystsina Tsimanouskaya has been offered a humanitarian visa after the Olympic sprinter refused to board a flight back to Belarus
2021-08-02 13:26:26
Delta Covid outbreak in China spreads with new travel restrictions for millions
A fresh outbreak of coronavirus in China has been fuelled by the more contagious Delta variant and tourism, with 15 provinces and municipalities now confirming cases
2021-08-02 08:59:15
Belarus athlete taken to airport against her will is 'safe and secure' in Tokyo
Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, 24, said the Belarusian head coach turned up at her room yesterday and ordered her to leave Japan, however she refused to board the flight at the airport
2021-08-02 05:19:48
Petition for rule change on transgender weightlifter is removed as 'hate speech'
New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard will become the first openly transgender athlete to compete in an Olympics on Monday, and her participation has been a divisive issue
2021-08-01 22:45:41
Russian attack submarines running mysterious 'deep penetration' missions
Large numbers of Borei-class nuclear powered subs have been diving beyond 500m - with operations taking place in the Northern Sea
2021-08-01 20:58:29
Terrified tourists free as huge blazes sweep along coast in Turkey wildfires
Hotel guests in Turkey rushed to the beach at Bodrum where an array of craft including private yachts and fishing vessels took them to safety
2021-08-01 19:45:23
Former guard, 100, at Nazi concentration camp where 20,000 killed to go on trial
The man is said to have worked as a guard at the concentration camp in Sachsenhausen, where 20,000 people were murdered
2021-08-01 19:14:33
Friends drive through flames in daring escape from deadly wildfires in Turkey
Dramatic video footage from near Bodrum, Turkey, shows a group of friends fleeing apocalyptic forest fires which have ripped through coastal region killing at least six
2021-08-01 17:44:03
Olympian Krystsina Tsimanouskaya in airport stand-off as she refuses to fly home
Olympic sprinter Krystsina Tsimanouskaya, 24, claims she was taken to Tokyo's Haneda airport against her will and ordered to return to Belarus after publicly speaking out against the team coaches
2021-08-01 14:54:16
Helicopters circle and order people to 'go home' in world's strictest lockdown
Avi Yemini, a correspondent for Rebel News Online with a history of being vocal about his controversial anti-lockdown views, posted the video of a helicopter circling overhead, enforcing lockdown measures, to Twitter
2021-08-01 11:35:26
Good Samaritans use water pumps and buckets to keep stranded killer whale alive
A passing ship and bystanders on land all put an effort in to help the whale stay wet until the tide came in and it could float away from the Alaskan coast
2021-08-01 03:52:40
Paris riot police use tear gas on anti-vaxxers as crowds clash over Covid rules
More than 200,000 people across France protested against President Emmanuel Macron’s vaccine drive and some of the marches in Paris got out of hand with flares thrown and three police officers injured
2021-07-31 23:14:30
Army to be deployed and police checkpoints set up to enforce Sydney lockdown
Thousands of police swept into the Sydney city centre handing out £264 ($500 Australian) to those not wearing a mask as the current lockdown will not end until August 28
2021-07-31 22:21:39
Cops sacked after being caught having sex in back of car in police car
Both officers have been dismissed from the force after the 27-second clip of their tryst in Mexico went viral online
2021-07-31 14:37:49
Devastation of deadly wildfires which have killed four shown in satellite images
More than 70 wildfires have broken out this week in provinces on Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean coasts as well as inland areas, with 14 still burning
2021-07-31 12:37:13
'Saddam Hussein took me hostage and asked if I wanted milk with my breakfast'
Saddam Hussein kidnapped innocent civilian passengers on British Airways’ Flight 149 after their plane touched down in Kuwait during the Iraqi dictator's invasion in 1990
2021-07-31 07:16:47
Japan suffers 'extremely frightening' Covid surge one week into Tokyo Olympics
The Japanese public expressed widespread reservations about going ahead with the international games as infections rise due to mutant variants - and the country is now seeing record numbers, though officials deny there is a link
2021-07-31 04:13:51
Greek islands including Brit hotspot Santorini moved to EU's 'dark red' list
Summer holidays continue to face problems as the popular holiday destinations in Greece have new warnings following a rise in Covid-19 infections
2021-07-30 22:33:36
Self-styled 'Shark Rider' mauled after jumping on back of beast who bit back
Aaron Moir was attacked by a three-and-a-half metre long lemon shark while out on a boat off Australia on Tuesday night, leaving him with serious wounds to lower body
2021-07-30 20:35:55
Builder smashes up flat block with digger because owner 'owed him £4million'
The builder's yellow and black mechanical digger was seen outstretching its long arm and tearing down the apartment balconies one by one before he escaped the scene by car
2021-07-30 18:09:15
Mysterious 'penis snakes' that grow up to 5ft long invade US waters from Amazon
The first known caecilian found in the US was in 2019 in a canal in Miami, Florida and now scientists are trying to determine if they are invasive species to the state
2021-07-30 17:37:40
China in worst Covid outbreak since first Wuhan wave as Delta variant spreads
A new outbreak of the Delta variant in China has been branded the most extensive Covid outbreak since the first wave in Wuhan by state media amid worries the number of cases may spiral out of control
2021-07-30 07:38:21
Russia and China accused of posing daily space threat as UK Space Command opens
Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston said the countries were engaging in “questionable” activity such as flying satellites within “close proximity” of others on a daily basis
2021-07-30 01:58:16
Astonished locals build snowmen and throw snowballs as cold snap freezes Brazil
More than 40 cities across Brazil saw snowfall on Wednesday as this year's harsh winter continues to bring icy temperatures, sending Arabica coffee prices to a seven year high
2021-07-29 19:03:03
Talented police dog can walk tightrope blindfolded and hold breath underwater
The dog, named Lachi, works for the Border Cops in Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova. His talents landed him guest appearances on local TV shows and he also performs at the Moldovan National Theatre
2021-07-29 16:55:18
Ducks are being abandoned after TikTok trend of buying the birds for cute videos
People see cute duck videos and decide to take on the birds as pets unaware of how hard it is to look after them
2021-07-29 16:23:57
Apocalyptic wildfires burn in Turkish holiday resorts and blot out the sun
Extraordinary pictures show Russian tourists caught in a seemingly doomsday scenario as sunny skies turn pitch dark while wildfires ravage Turkey, filling the blue skies with thick black smoke
2021-07-29 15:15:19
12 countries where under 1% have had Covid jab - amid deadly mutation warning
An interactive map lays bare the massive inequalities in vaccine distribution, with less than one in 100 vaccinated with one jab in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, Benin, Burkina Faso, Madagascar, Syria and Papua New Guinea
2021-07-29 14:46:53
China threatens British warships and vows hostile welcome in disputed sea
A UK fleet led by the HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is sailing through the contested South China Sea, where Beijing's navy will respond to any "improper acts", state media warned
2021-07-29 14:14:38
World’s deadliest crocodile attacks as 1,000 a year are killed in 'death rolls'
Giant reptiles attacked a British backpacker in Mexico who nearly became one of the 1,000 killed each year - like Ricky Ganya, 14, in Malaysia
2021-07-29 09:07:50
Disney set to make two-year-olds wear face masks indoors as cases rise in US
In a statement Disney said all cast members and guests will need to put on a mask while indoors at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland Resort in California
2021-07-29 00:27:57
Holiday Brits in Costa del Sol could face 2am curfew over surging Covid rates
The curfew measure is being proposed by the regional Andalusian government which wants to limit movement between 2am and 7am in holiday hotspots Marbella and Estepona
2021-07-28 19:31:37
Teen fights off crocodile after it attacked her on holiday in Mexico
Kiana Hummel managed to beat the 12-foot crocodile off her after she was attacked while swimming in the ocean close to the Marriot resort in Puerto Valerta, Mexico, only for the reptile to strike again
2021-07-28 15:41:44
Camper, 42, attacked and eaten by bear during hike in front of horrified friends
Yevgeny Starkov, 42, was with a group of tourists who were starting to pack away their tents when the bear appeared. Three fellow campers watched in horror as he was attacked
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